Best 4 Options for Taking Your Event Digital

Best 4 Options for Taking Your Event Digital

Easy to advanced. The best 4 options for taking your event digital.

You want to move all, or part, of your event online. So what are your options, from simple…to complex?

1. ‘Point & Shoot’ option

For many simply pointing a webcam or smartphone at their content then streaming to one of the big social media platforms such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live is an effective first step to take an event online and open up to your digital audience.

It is quick and easy to set up a free account on one of these platforms and after a few button clicks you will be rolling!

Both platforms have a chat function to enable basic audience participation and will also enable you to advertise your broadcast in advance. You can easily control who sees your stream as well as watch it back post event.

One word of warning…if you intend to use YouTube Live you can only stream if you have more than 1000 subscribers. (This is not the case on Facebook Live which has no subscriber threshold.) This is a very basic way of taking your event digital so will work for some…but not others!

2. ‘Digital content plus’

This option offers a similar ‘Point & Shoot’ set up but your feed is sent into a platform that enables additional features and audience interaction, essential if you are holding a virtual conference.

The Glisser platform is our preferred choice for clients looking for more features and control including: password access, branded pages, moderated chat/Q&A, polls and email capture. This platform is also heavily presentation-led so presenters can easily share their slides and videos with the audience.

Online Conference Platform

3. ‘Dedicated Platform – Single Feed’

A dedicated platform is a more robust and professional way of hosting a virtual conference or summit. Our dedicated platform of choice is Crowdcast as it is well established and super easy for delegates and attendees to sign up and join the event.

You can use any webcam, camera or phone to produce your live feed and you can include any pre-recorded content. Crowdcast features Q&A, polls, chat, quick playback and mailing list sign up from a polished platform that is easy to navigate. It also encompasses full event registration facilities and a detailed suite of post event analytics.

This platform is perfect for events that have a variety of digital content being broadcast via a single continual feed.

4. ‘Dedicated Platform – Multiple Feed’

For multi-session style events looking for genuine engagement a platform that includes networking, sponsorship opportunities, promotion, exhibitors and exhibition booths is the way to go. These facilities take multiple aspects of the event into the digital realm, not just learning from presenters’ talks and slides, but genuine engagement with different parts of the event.

For multiple feed type events with the benefit of extra features, there are lots of choices but we like to use HeySummit or Hopin.

With multiple sessions happening simultaneously you will have the ability to grant exclusive access to each individual who is registered. Other features include 1-1 meetings, virtual booths and sponsor promotion opportunities as well as a customisable registration and event pages.

These platforms will also help promote your event and as such are automated to share and amplify your event reach.

LiveWorx Studios regularly provide support to digital events of all sizes. We help our clients to ‘pivot’ to online events and deal with requests ranging from super simple to ultra complex!

If you are unsure what platform suits your event goals best please contact us for some friendly advice and an online demo.

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