Online Events During COVID-19

Don’t cancel – go online

In these challenging times, the coronavirus is forcing many events organisers to make alternate arrangements for in-person events or meetings. Here’s what we can offer to help.

There are a number of ways LiveWorx Studios can support your events business by bringing your event online, to any platform using our remote cloud-based production techniques, hardware and cameras. Here are our most popular options that allow you to avoid complete cancellation, bring attendees together creating the best possible online experiences and protect revenue in these difficult times.

Move your event entirely online

Whether you only need to live stream a single presentation, or an entire event, we provide solutions to move your external or internal event entirely online.

Video streaming services

Every room, session and keynote can be streamed to a virtual audience. Your keynote speakers may wish to present from the live location (or venue that was initially booked for the event), at their office, at home or in a studio environment. This solution enables multiple presenters in different geographic locations as well as Q&A, polling and audience interactivity options. To add perceived value to home, office or studio streams we can even provide a green screen backdrop to allow presenters to be independent of their location. We replace the standard background with your choice of images, branding, slides/charts and other footage as per your requirements.

Adding a live stream/webinar element to an attended event

We provide professional broadcast equipment including, audio, video and technicians for your in-person attended event so any guests that could not make it can watch from the comfort of their own home. LiveWorx Studios offer a variety of platforms and options to customise the stream and will also provide advice regarding best practices to make the live stream professional, secure and engaging. Finally, we provide support for those logging in to watch the live stream.

Remote speaker presentations

If you have a presenter or speaker that cannot attend the live event our packages ensure they are still seen, heard and have the ability to interact with your audience. Our services including presenter training to make sure they are familiar with the technology and we have technicians across the country that can meet them at their premises/home/office to help them set up and rehearse, to ensure a smooth-running and professional live stream.

Live stream link-up of smaller regional events

If the political climate discourages, or even disallows, gatherings/meetings/events above a certain audience number threshold we can provide a live stream link-up of multiple smaller regional events, virtually.

For example, instead of a 900-delegate national sales conference with your guests travelling from across the country to one venue, you stage three smaller regional events: e.g. London, Manchester, Edinburgh with 300 guests in each location. Live streaming can link the events together allowing joint interaction, viewing of live presentations and keynotes together through video. This package can be tailored to your exact requirements in terms of the way the portal is viewed, content is presented and stream branded.

Cost effective live streaming, broadcast and digital video production with worldwide reach.