Live Streaming

Compelling, engaging, interactive & real-time

Harness the power of video with LiveWorx Studios. We enable businesses and individuals to deliver customisable live streaming and video content across an array of platforms including streaming across the internet and to live TV.

In these uncertain times attending live events or presentations in person is becoming increasingly problematic for businesses which causes disruption and monetary losses. The good news is professional live web streaming and the technical support that facilitates this is more affordable than ever before! Our live streaming services enable your business to deliver your live event or message unaffected by guest numbers. Whether that be delivering education, training, sales meetings, conferences or sporting events to your new online audience.

Broadcast quality experience

LiveWorx Studios offer delivery of virtual events, virtual speeches, virtual conferences and virtual auctions giving you the power to deliver a broadcast quality experience as well as give advertisers the opportunity to gain exposure.

We provide a range of flexible packages and meet any budget.

Streaming your content extends your event reach and enables your message to travel further giving increased audience engagement and ROI.

Our expertise guarantees your success

We have the people and equipment required to bring out the best of your brand, company or event and guarantee success. Your broadcast can include speech, PowerPoint slides, real-time graphics, inserted video clips, music, green screen virtual backdrops and advertising opportunities. An effective live broadcast combines the best parts of TV with the flexibility and value of live web streaming.

Live streaming for businesses large & small

We adore live video. There is no other communication tool that creates the emotional response and sheer engagement of live streaming video. Brands, agencies and companies that choose to leverage this tool seize the opportunity to not only increase revenues but also engage with employees, customers and business partners.

LiveWorx Studios can tailor a technical support package that will best suit your goals and budget. We work with hundreds of exciting businesses of all sizes each year. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.

Grow your audience numbers

Our service can support any of your live, interactive or social video needs. If your audience are unable to attend the event due to distance, government constraints or availability they won’t miss out. We provide everything you would ever need to live stream your event or presentation including multiple cameras, technical crew and full video production services.

Multi-camera coverage

Live video streaming is ultimately broadcast television streaming online. As a result, our camera team’s multi-camera coverage is shaped around your event and business needs to produce broadcast quality footage. From multi-camera keynote speeches and interviews we collect a whole host of shots that present your event in the best light and can also be used later in the edit. We provide broadcast quality television without the usual associated costs.

Customised video broadcasts

From custom branding, logos and lower thirds to audience reaction shots and transitions we create an engaging and immersive experience for your viewers for maximum engagement.

Cost effective live streaming, broadcast and digital video production with worldwide reach.