Blackmagic Web Presenter review

Blackmagic Web Presenter review

The Blackmagic web presenter is our favourite bit of kit for corporate events, webinars & online conferences

At Liveworx Studios we love to use broadcast equipment from Blackmagic as they are normally easy to use, work well straight out of the box and flexible in their uses.

The Blackmagic Web Presenter is a tool for plug-and-play live streaming. This compact desktop unit allows you to connect both SDI and HDMI camera signals then stream live in 720p HD via your computers USB port.

blackmagic web presenter connection

The nifty dual input capture device is available with or without a ‘mini smart panel’. With or without the panel the unit performs a similar job but the smart panel includes a rotary knob and LCD screen to adjust the settings, whereas the standard unit has small dipswitches for setting adjustment, and no screen.

Our first impression of the standalone Blackmagic Web Presenter was no different than normal, it was easy to set up and we actually managed this without reviewing the instructions. We found it takes any feed from pretty much any SDI or HDMI camera and effectively acts as a ‘go between’, working inline between the camera and your computer.

We like the way, when you plug-in using the device, your computer simply sees a webcam. This means it’s easy to input the video your camera is capturing into any live streaming software – perfect for Facebook Live, YouTube Live Skype, Zoom or indeed any webcasting platform.

Blackmagic Web Presenter: Technical Specifications

The web presenter works with video output from cameras up to UHD and downscales output signals to 720p for online streaming. In terms of physical size the unit measures 5.5,’’ W x 6.7’’ D X 1.75’’ H and is powered by a 3 pin supply. The connection plate features HDMI and SDI inputs as well as loop outs. In terms of audio, the unit contains L&R RCA inputs plus a direct XLR connection for mic/line input.

Blackmagic Web Presenter: Key Features

  • Supports up to Full 4K DCI 4096x2160p signals on input and output
  • Two independent 12G-SDI outputs
  • Run 4096x2160p signals approximately 70 ft using 6G-SDI cables
  • Full-size XLR connections switchable between balanced analog and AES/EBU audio
  • Ethernet remote control and PoE port
  • Intelligent thermal design heat dissipation effectively prevents overheating
  • Three units are rack-mountable in a 1U 19″ rack using an optional rack tray
  • Can be used desktop mounted or installed concealed in cable ducts
  • Built-in 90-240V power supply requiring only a standard IEC power cable sold separately
  • An array of mini switches allow instant settings changes
  • The front panel is replaceable with an optional Smart Panel featuring controls and an LCD
  • Manage numerous units simultaneously using the included Converter Utility software
  • Full SDI re-clocking and low jitter.

Blackmagic Web Presenter: Testing with Zoom

We set up a test webinar on Zoom using both our Palicomp 3600X 4.4Ghz Six Core PC and an Apple Macbook Pro. On connection, Zoom recognised our DSLR camera immediately on both devices with no need to install any drivers. For audio, we routed a Sennheiser UHF Wireless Handheld Condenser Microphone System into the unit’s xlr input and found the audio quality was really rather good! The smart display was also great to keep track of the audio levels and inputs on the fly.

In terms of setting up Blackmagic Web Presenter, we found the smart display button layout easy to operate and the inbuilt menu was super easy to navigate as the parameters were clearly spread over four simple sub-menus: Video, Transition, Audio & Setup.

As you would expect the unit remembers your last-used settings and, once configured, we realised on subsequent use of the unit that we didn’t really need to mess with the settings again. (Perhaps as we were using similar external hardware each time).

Blackmagic Web Presenter: Summary

All in all the unit performed as advertised, provided quality audio and video as well as ease of setup. It is a great tool for anyone who regularly works on corporate events, webinars, online conference or tutorials and internet channels.

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