5 Tips to Make Any Online Event Professional: Part 2

5 Tips to Make Any Online Event Professional: Part 2

5 tips to make any online event look & sound more professional (without buying extra equipment!): Part 2

Following on from Part 1, this guide presents our top tips to look and sound more professional, from a technical perspective, using the simple tools you have at your disposal. Many of these tips sound very simple but if adhered to will vastly increase the likelihood of a smooth-running event.

5 Top tips

At LWS we provide group and one-to-one presenter training before all of our online events to safeguard against common mistakes. However, if you do not have the benefit of an experienced live streaming and video production company managing your online event, here are our top tips to increase the professionalism of your production.

We won’t cover the common sense side of things here, such as dressing smart or sitting up straight and smiling but instead present techniques to look and sound more professional, from a technical perspective, using the simple tools you have at your disposal.

1. Perform an Internet speed test

Speed test your connection to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth to produce a stable stream. Simply plug a network cable into your router then search Google for ‘run speed test’ to find out how fast your connection is. For a presenter or participant LWS recommend a minimum upload/download speed of 6 Mbps.

2. Use a network cable to connect directly to your router, not Wifi

Relying on wireless internet/WiFi is not good practice, even if you have access to a ‘dedicated network.’ Often running a wireless speed test will show a strong signal with fast upload/download speeds. However these speeds can fluctuate mid-event causing audio problems and stuttering video playback.

We recommend all of our remote presenters and participants connect directly to their Internet router using a network cable as this means a consistent signal strength and upload/download speed.

3. Restart your computer before you begin

Nothing is worse than having your computer crash, or shut down and restart in the middle of an online event. Windows apps in particular have a bad habit of hogging resources and this can impact video and audio quality as well as causing other issues.

Even if you have a powerful computer the requirements of an online event can use a lot of your CPU and graphics card resources. By restarting your laptop before each event you get to a fresh start which will improve quality and reliability often avoiding ‘unexplained’ technical issues during the event.

4. Minimise network load/traffic

Turn off any apps or programs that upload or download files and pause any scheduled backups or updates. Often programs such as Dropbox run in the background so you aren’t even aware they are active. These high bandwidth activities can cause performance issues and stuttering audio/video playback.

5. Record locally, not to the cloud

Most platforms offer the option to record your online event at the press of a button. However, it is prudent to select the option to ‘record locally’ (i.e. directly to your hard drive) as opposed to ‘record to the cloud’. Not only does this method mean you will have a hard copy of the recording indefinitely, the quality of a local recording is also typically higher than a cloud recording.

It can be difficult to select a qualified live streaming and video production company so we cut the jargon, minimise the tech talk and get the job done, on time and within budget

Liveworx studios can provide a technical solution tailored to your exact requirements and provide a full online demo prior to booking.

Call James at LWS on 0345 3880110 or email hello@liveworxstudios.co.uk.


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