5 Tips to Make Any Online Event Professional: Part 1

5 Tips to Make Any Online Event Professional: Part 1

5 tips to make any online event look & sound more professional (without buying extra equipment!): Part 1

With the move to online and hybrid events in full flow, ‘remote’ participation is higher than ever with presenters, panellists and participants joining online events from the comfort of their own homes.

This poses a problem as, although your presenters are no doubt expert in their chosen field, they’re not broadcast professionals using industry-standard broadcast equipment. They’re at home, not in a studio, and are reliant upon their own laptop, webcam and inbuilt microphone.

5 Top tips

At LWS we provide group and one-to-one presenter training before all of our online events to safeguard against the common mistakes. However, if you do not have the benefit of an experienced live streaming and video production company managing your online event, here are our top tips to increase the professionalism of your production.

We won’t cover the common sense side of things here, such as dressing smart or sitting up straight and smiling but instead present techniques to look and sound more professional, from a technical perspective, using the simple tools you have at your disposal. For more top tips, you can read Part 2 here.

1. Look at the camera lens, not the screen

Looking straight at the lens creates a connection and confidence as if you are looking into the eyes of the person (or audience) you are speaking to. Using your online event platform of choice, positioning the viewing window in the centre of your laptop display (directly beneath the webcam lens) will help. If you have to glance at the viewing window, you won’t then be looking way off to the side of the screen or down to the bottom. Your gaze remains as close to the camera lens as possible and thus maintaining the connection and intimacy with your audience.

2. Frame your shot

Your body position in relation to your webcam position is important as this dictates how you are ‘framed’ within the viewing window. When looking at your display, ideally you want to see your face positioned equidistant from the top, sides and bottom. Avoid having too much space above your head, but equally don’t position your head too close to the top (as it will look like it is stuck to the top of the screen).

In terms of distance from the webcam, you don’t want to appear too far away as you will lose the feel of personal contact. On the flip side, you don’t want to be uncomfortably close as this can be unflattering. A great rule of thumb is to ensure your viewers can see your shoulders and upper-chest in the shot, but not your trunk.

3. Use front lighting, not backlighting

One top tip is to light your face from the front, not from above or behind. Lighting from above causes undesirable shadows and backlighting (whether the light source is a bulb or window that is behind you) will result in your audience only seeing a dark silhouette, not your actual face. To front light effectively, you should choose an appropriate position to sit in relation to your light source. Alternatively, if you have a desk lamp or similar portable light source, this can be positioned behind your screen, thus front lighting your face.

4. Avoid unprofessional backgrounds

Cluttered backgrounds, scruffy couches and ragged curtains do not represent the professional brand values you are trying to exude. Just because you are remotely presenting from home doesn’t mean you can’t present a professional environment. Take some time to organise your background and think about what it says about you and your business. These things matter to your viewers.

5. Eliminate background noise

Ensure you are presenting from a noise-free environment and let those around you know, whether you are in the office or at home, that you need quiet for the duration of the online event. Avoid constant keyboard clicking, banging on desks and furniture and creaking chairs. Most platforms will automatically switch when they sense noise from a microphone so muting your mic when you are not speaking is also a good practice.

Liveworx Studios’ expertise spans webinars, live streaming and online and hybrid events for many years, streaming remote presenters and panellists into webinars and live events. We use state of the art equipment and experienced technicians to support your online activities.

Unsure of how to move your event online or what the benefits are? Please contact us for some friendly advice and we can even provide an online demo of how your virtual conference or webinar might look and run.

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